Paper submission


Second call for papers to be published in International Turfgrass Society Research Journal (ITSRJ), volume 14, as part of the ITRC 2022

Because of the postponement of the Conference from July 2021 to July 2022, the ITS board has decided on a second call for papers to be published in ITSRJ. The ‘Standards for International Turfgrass Society Research Journal’  have been revised to make a clearer distinction between ‘Short communications’ and ‘Technical papers’. 

Please note that acceptance of a full paper, short communications and technical paper will give the same right to presentation at the conference. For papers announced by title/short abstract submissions in December 2019, the program committee already knows authors’ preferences with regard to oral vs. poster presentations. Most authors also associated their paper with one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are the overarching theme of the conference. For papers to be submitted in response to this second call, the program committee will get back to the author(s) and ask for preferred presentation type and connection to the UN goals once papers have been accepted. Another requirement that will be checked at the program preparation stage is that at least one of the authors of papers to be presented at the conference has to be an ITS member.

The deadlines for the second call have been set to

  • Full papers: 1 June 2021
  • Short communications: 1 Sep. 2021
  • Technical papers: 1 Jan. 2022

How to submit your paper

  • Full papers and Short communications must be submitted through the Wiley manuscript central: and will be subjected to peer review. 
  • Technical papers shall be submitted by E-mail to  ITSRJ Assistant Editor, Dr. Doug Soldat ( who will offer his advice for clarifications and improvement, but they will not be subjected to an ordinary review process.

Technical papers

  • Technical papers are suitable for concepts, ideas for new projects and experiences from advisors and practitioners reflecting the benefit of turfgrasses and turfgrass management in real world situations.
  • Technical papers shall be submitted by E-mail to ITSRJ Assistant Editor, Dr. Doug Soldat who will  check the manuscript  for English language, ensure that the paper is not of commercial character, and offer his/her advice for improvements of the paper.
  • Technical papers will be published in a digital annexe to the ITSRJ designated ‘Non-reviewed technical papers’.
  • The length of a technical paper shall not exceed three printed pages corresposning to a maximum of 9 manuscript pages, double line spacing and font size Times New Roman 12.
  • Technical papers don’t have to follow the traditional scientific structure  with Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results,  Discussions, etc. but an Abstract of up to 300 words in mandatory.
    References are optional,  but if included, they must follow the style at
  • Names and affiliation of  all authors shall be included at submission.  Email and complete addresse is required for corresponding author only.
  • Please see attached example.

We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen in 2022 and to receiving many more submissions for the upcoming conference. 

Please note that all presentations at the conference – oral and posters – must be accompanied by a scientific or technical paper accepted for publication in International Turfgrass Society Research Journal (ITSRJ), Crop Science (CS) or Agronomy Journal (AJ). CS and AJ are options mainly for those wanting their paper published in a journal with Impact factor.