Technical Tours

The Technical tours will introduce you to Nordic turfgrass research and development, which is focusing on internationally important key areas. These include the pressure from government demands for greater environmental regulation, the increasing pressure on natural resources (notably water, energy and land), the emerging role of turf management in supporting ecosystem services and enhancing biodiversity, the continued need to promote integrated pest management, and the looming challenges posed by a changing climate, and urgent need to adapt.

A full day of technical tours is planned for the Wednesday, highlighting the extraordinary range of turf venues and areas of interest in the Öresund area (Denmark and Sweden). Depending on the tour you choose, attendees will for example visit multifunctional golf courses, historical castle gardens, high quality sport arenas, and green areas important for urban sustainability. All tours will end at the DLF Seeds and Science research station in Store Heddinge where we will get an introduction to their breeding programme and a tour to experimental facilities and field trials. The day will conclude by a BBQ dinner hosted by the DLF Seeds and Science.

Preliminary: Fieldtrips 13 July 2022

NB: All trips will end the day at DLF Seeds and Science research station (breeding and testing activities)

Trip 1

Please note that Trip 1 has been cancelled due to few sign-ups.

Trip 2

Capillary Hydroponics system, Helsingborg.

The Capillary Hydroponics System automatically regulates the water levels and increases gas-exchange by raising and lowering the water table to produce deeper,
healthier roots and higher-quality turfgrass. This system also allows easy monitoring of EC Levels, PH Levels, Temperature, and Water Flow.

Hørsholm golf course, a GEO certified course, Environmental work and pesticide free management on.

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Trip 3

Furesø golf course.

The First Danish course awarded with the Golf sports Environmental price. A golf course with a scientific approach to lawn maintenance.

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University of Aarhus - Flakkebjerg

Seed production of lawn grass including optimization of seed yield and modeling of growth.
Use of technologies such as drones, robots and lacers
Strategies against resistant Poa annua in seed production

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Trip 4


Copenhagen's epicenter for urban mountain sport. Inside is a power plant outside there is a ski slope and other areas where natural grass is use. Hear about the construction and challenges.

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Copenhagen golf course.

Copenhagen golf course is a multifunctional, pesticide free golf course, which is a challenge for the turf maintenance. A very unique and special place close to the capital.

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Trip 5

Brøndby stadium and training facilities with hybrid turf.

Home stadium for one of the top clubs in Denmark. Challenges in producing quality turf.

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Smørum golf course.

A golf course that practice maintenance according to red fescue. Special focus on rough area maintenance.

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Trip 6

Ljunghusen golf course

A Swedish perspective on golf course maintenance. A links course with salt challenges

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